Real Estate Acquisition: ACQ Capital is acquiring substantial real estate properties, and on track to acquire in excess of $200 million in assets by July 2007.

Property Type: Most any type of real estate is considered: Single Family Residence; Residential, Commercial & Industrial Income; Hotel; Development land; Ranch; Agricultural land; Distressed situations as well as Trophy properties are considered.
Geography: Prefer California, but not geographically bound, including international.
Criteria: A qualifying property(s) is narrow and specific. The majority of properties will not qualify and/or the Seller find the terms unacceptable:


Purchase price is the appraised value. In some cases, a premium can be
paid for the exceptional property and/or exceptional terms
The Seller provides an acceptable institutional quality appraisal at the Sellers cost.
“Existing debt” cannot exceed 30% of the appraised value. Seller can reduce debt to meet this requirement. Buyer will not advance funds.
Appraised equity must be greater than $5,000,000

General Terms: Acquisitions are typically structured as follows:





Most acquisitions are an installment sale, with 100% of the Seller’s consideration paid over 12 months. Each monthly payment equals 1/12th of the purchase price.
Payment: The Seller becomes a party to the Buyer’s funding contract with the Buyer’s Bank, thereby assuring the Seller receipt of their payment on a timely basis.
Title does NOT transfer until Seller is fully paid their consideration
No liens or encumbrances are recorded on the property at any time. The Buyer nor the Buyer’s Bank does NOT record any Deed of Trust or lien against the property at any time.
Buyer will master lease the property assuming operational control [income & expense] once the Funding contracts are fully executed
Physical inspection is not necessary to submit a preliminary proposal
Closing typically requires 60 days from the date the appraisal is received.


ACQ Capital is the contracting entity, acting as a principal. Acquisition funding is the result of a joint venture with two hedge funds and a major German bank. ACQ has already met all underwriting requirements, leaving only due diligence and underwriting of the subject real estate.

Joint Ventures:

On a highly selective basis, ACQ Capital will enter into joint ventures with land owners and developers to provide the necessary capital.