ACQ Capital makes investments in Real Estate and Business Opportunities demonstrating true promise.

Real Estate Acquisitions:

ACQ Capital is aggressively seeking and acquiring suitable investment properties. We are on track to acquire over $200 million in real properties in 2007.

Property is acquired based upon sound real estate principals and fundamentals. ACQ Capital acquires property for long term investment, typically for cash or a short-term installment sale. Joint Ventures will be considered.

Properties considered and in the order of desirability include: Residential, Commercial & Industrial Income; Development land; Trophy properties Distressed situations; Hotel, Ranch; Agricultural land Single Family Residence; as well as are considered.

We invite you to view our criteria in the “Real Estate Acquisitions” section of the site.

Project Funding:

Capitalizing a business venture today demands experienced, thoughtful and insightful teams that assist you in building a successful company. We would like to think we are “smart money” and endeavor to bring a full scope of recourses with each investment. We can help you fine-tune your strategy, build the right management team and introduce you to corporate alliances worldwide. We provide our companies with funding to help them succeed in this competitive and rapidly changing business environment.

ACQ Capital invests in emerging and established companies with proven management and excellent growth opportunities. In certain instances, capital is provided for start-up and early-stage companies. As the principals of ACQ Capital are entrepreneurs themselves, they also understand entrepreneurs, opportunity and vision.

The “Project Funding” section of this site is password protected, please contact us if you are looking for funding.